Experience flight 45 minutes by plane Zlín 43 - for 3 people

Experience flight on a beautiful Zlín 43 plane for 3 people lasting 45 minutes from the airport in Hradec Králové. You will get to know the beauty of our country from a bird's eye view, a truly wonderful experience. Route planning according to your requirements.

7,950.00 Kč

Do you want to try a beautiful view from the Czech plane Zlín 43 lasting 45 minutes? So take advantage of our offer and buy a flight by plane Zlín 43 from the airport in Hradec Králové. The voucher must be used within 6 months of issue, of course, you can also use it as a gift for your friends.

Flight by plane Zlín 43:

  • 3 passengers
  • before the flight, you will prepare a flight plan with an experienced pilot, in the beautiful surroundings of Hangar 74 in Hradec Králové
  • after landing the possibility of inspecting other aircraft in Hangar 74
  • flight execution - the possibility of taking photos or filming during the entire flight

A team of experienced pilots will take care of you throughout the flight preparation and flight performance.

In the vicinity of Hradec Králové you can plan a flight over Kunětická Hora, Opočno Castle, Nové Město Castle, Rozkoš Reservoir, Les Království Dam, the city of Hradec Králové, etc. It just depends on your decision where you want to look.

After ordering, you will receive a Voucher, where you will find all the information to book a specific date of your Sightseeing Flight. It flies on any day depending on the weather.


  • Sightseeing flight for 3 people (45 minutes)
  • Airplane Zlín 43

Possible route according to the customer's choice:

  • airport LKHK - Sněžka - airport LKHK. The flight takes place over the town of Dvůr Králové, Janské Lázně - Treetop Trail, Montenegro, Pec pod Sněžkou. (Sněžka flies only from the south and 300 meters above the ground due to national parks)
  • LKHK Airport - Kuks Hospital - Josefov Fortress - Rozkoš Reservoir - Ratibořice Chateau - Náchod Castle - Nové Město Castle - Opočno Chateau - above the town of Hradec Králové - LKHK Airport (Recommended)
  • LKHK airport - Opočno chateau - Rychnov nad Kněžnou chateau - Doudleby chateau - Častolovice chateau - Kunětická Hora - above the town of Hradec Králové - airport
  • Or another route according to the customer's wishes

How to apply

  • Reservations: make well in advance by e-mail info@uberuskyair.cz or by phone 605 728 328
  • Enter the voucher code, flight time, number of people, name, phone number and required date.
  • Keep the voucher with you on the day of the flight, you will show it before the flight.
  • The event is suitable for people without major health or movement restrictions. The passenger must be able to board and disembark the aircraft himself
  • A person under the age of 18 may only fly with the consent of a legal representative.
  • Place of take-off and landing: LKHK Hradec Králové airport


  • We recommend the offer for children from 5 years of age.
  • A person under the age of 18 may only fly with the consent of a legal representative.

Cancellation Policy

  • It is possible to change or cancel the reservation no later than 24 hours in advance, otherwise the voucher will be forfeited.
  • In case of unfavorable meteorological conditions, the flight may be postponed by the organizer to another date of your choice.