Experience flight by historical plane AN-2 - for 12 people

12 osob

Sightseeing flight with an historic Antonov AN-.2 plane, a truly unforgettable experience. The flight is designed for 12 people from the airport in Hradec Králové. Suitable experience for corporate events.

18,690.00 Kč
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An unforgettable experience in the form of a sightseeing flight with an historic Antonov AN-2, you can not miss it. This flight is designed for 12 people, the price per person is only 1556, -CZK


  • flight 40 minutes above the locations according to your requirements
  • the ability to take photos and videos throughout the flight
  • after flight the possibility of sightseeing aircraft in Hangar 74
  • introduction to AN-2 - history of the aircraft, etc.

The AN-2 is piloted by experienced pilots with long experience. Pilots with this type fly also for amateur parachutists, but also for professional athletes preparing for the World Cup in parachuting.

Flight AN-2 was originally developed as an agricultural aircraft, but due to its capabilities it was used in various fields of activity, including the military (as a transport and airborne aircraft). Its advantages include a short take-off and the possibility of operating from unpaved surfaces. The AN-2 series aircraft produced in Russia has been operating since 1948 and since 1959 it has been mass produced in Poland.