is a company that gives joy to all who want to experience the beauty of our country from the air

We are professional pilots and general aviation instructors who enjoy flying and give others pleasure in the form of experience flights and piloting a real plane.

For those who want to learn to fly, we have a modern, safe ultra-light Zenair aircraft and a flight school, the LAA pilot training center.

Gallery of our pilots and instructors

- meet them during training or flight experience

Who we are

We have our background together with the Xair flight school and AEROVIA at the airport in Hradec Kralove, in a nice and repaired Hangar 74 and Hive 161. We all pilots fly with these airlines, but mainly train new pilots.

Aircraft piloting is our lifelong passion, that's why we created this website for our customers who want to try to fly a plane or just experience the beauty of our country on the Flight, or learn to fly and get an ultralight aircraft pilot license for a really special price - more information on training can be found here.

377/5000The pilot training of ultralight aircraft is performed by Zenair aircraft. For adventure flights we use not only the above mentioned aircraft, but also general aviation aircraft, such as Cessna 172, Cessna 152, Zlin 42 MU, but also a beautiful historical aircraft AN-2. All aircraft are maintained in one of the best service in the Czech Republic and operated by flight schools UBeruskyAir, Xair and AEROVIA.

We fly from Hradec Kralove airport, where AFIS information service is available, whose job is mainly to inform pilots about the current traffic around the airport, which contributes to the safety of all flights. So we fly all year round, and every season has its charm, so it is up to you which season you want to fly.

Have a nice experience, so try to choose from our offer, we always offer something extra.

We will welcome you in a nice renovated Hangar 74 or Hive 161 in retro style

  • Beautiful departure environment, renovated Hangar 74 or retro Hive 161, welcome you here, talk about the flight, plan the route and fly, check out - gallery below.
  • We can offer you something to drink, such as coffee or water, all for free.

Our authorization to train ultralight pilots



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