Learn how to fly the modern ultra-light sport aircraft CH 601 Zenair. Experienced and professional instructors will teach you.

Training takes place at the airport in Hradec Králové with year-round operation.


Do you want to learn to fly safely and make your dream come true?

So you are at the right address! With us you will learn to fly with instructors with a professional approach and we believe that training will not only teach you to fly in the sky, but also enjoy every second behind the cockpit.


  • At least 15 years of age, consent of legal guardian is required for persons under 18 years of age.
  • Medical certificate from an authorized doctor.

For those who still do not know whether to become a pilot or not, we have prepared a briefing flight, which we highly recommend, for a duration of 30 or 40 minutes, as you please. It is a really good investment to know if you want to go and learn to fly, or give up this beautiful dream. You can order an instruction flight under the name Pilot for the test here.

How is the pilot training?

  1. You must complete the theory lasting 45 hours. At least 21 hours before starting practical training.
  2. After 21 hours of theory, you will start practical training of at least 20 hours.
  3. We recommend make a certificate of radiotelephone operator of the aeronautical mobile service.
  4. You pass the theoretical and practical exam - you become a UL pilot.

Of course we are realistic, so we have to say straight away that we will drop the student into the plane when we are aware that he / she can handle it. The same is done before the practical test. We will not let anyone to the practical test until we are sure that they will succeed before the inspector. 

Some only need 20 hours of practical training, but someone needs a little more. It always really depends on the student's attitude to his / her abilities.

We also provide training for VFR-controlled qualifications, ie the possibility to fly to controlled aerodromes. The training includes at least 4 hours of theory and 4 hours of practical training.

Price of training

  1. Medical certificate from an authorized doctor - according to the doctor's price list, the price is up to 1000, -CZK including VAT.
  2. Theoretical instruction 21 hours - lesson theory 1100, -CZK with VAT.
  3. Practical training - hourly rate with instructor is 3000, -CZK with VAT + landing fees (one landing about 125, -CZK with VAT - but always depends on the airport, where will be practiced in landing).
  4. Certificate of the radiotelephone operator of the aeronautical mobile service - according to the Czech Telecommunication Office's price list (600, -CZK with VAT as of 1 August 2021)
  5. Practical and theoretical examination - according to the price list of the LAA

Ask us anything, we will be happy to answer your questions