We fly all year in Hradec Králové. 

LAA Pilot Training Center + offers adventure flights as well as piloting aircraft, all with experienced instructors and the best aircraft.


Pilot to test, pilot for 30 minutes, Tulak sports Czech plane

Pilot to test for 1 person (suitable for anyone from 15 years of age). Tulak aircraft. Ground preparation (15 minutes) - explaining the basics of aerodynamics, flight mechanics, meteorology and aeroplane control. Flight (30 minutes) - you will experience several turns, climbs and descents of the aircraft, the actual navigation flight along your chosen route according to timing options. Evaluation of flight (5 minutes).

4,700.00 Kč 5,300.00 Kč


      A fleet of aircraft

      The fleet of aircraft used is really varied, maintained in the best service in the country.

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