Pilot on test, piloting 40 minutes, Tulak modern Czech aircraft

Piloton test for 1 person (suitable for anyone aged 15 and over).

Aircraft Tulak.

Ground training (15 minutes) - explanation of basic aerodynamics, flight mechanics, meteorology and aircraft control.

Flight (40 minutes) - you will experience several turns, climbing and descending of the aircraft, the actual navigation flight along a route of your choice, depending on the time available.

Flight evaluation (5 minutes).

5,890.00 Kč

An unforgettable experience in the form of piloting a modern Czech plane, Waylander. Once purchased, you will be sent a Voucher that needs to be used within 6 months (we can extend it to 1 year) of issue, of course you can also use it as a gift for your friends or relatives.

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In price:

  • Pilot to test for 1 person (suitable for anyone from 16 years of age).
  • Waylander aircraft.
  • Ground preparation (15 minutes) - explaining the basics of aerodynamics, flight mechanics, meteorology and aeroplane control.
  • Flight (40 minutes) - you will experience several turns, climbs and descents of the aircraft, the actual navigation flight along your chosen route according to timing options.
  • Evaluation of flight (5 minutes).

Piloting the Airplane Drifter:

  • an experienced instructor will take care of you
  • will explain the principles of piloting
  • Before the flight, you will prepare a flight plan together
  • Execution of a flight of 30 minutes - piloting the aircraft
  • Flight analysis after landing
  • Total time by pilot for test approx. 0.8 hours.

In the vicinity of Hradec Králové you can plan a flight over Josefov, Kunětická Hora, etc. It's up to you to decide where you want to go.

Once ordered, you will be served with a Voucher where you will find all the information to book the specific date of your piloting the aircraft. It is flown on any given day depending on the weather. The customer must be at least 15 years old.

How to apply

  • Reservations: Do so well in advance at info@uberuskaair.cz or by phone. 605 728 328
  • Please include aircraft type, number of people, name, phone and desired date.
  • Keep the voucher with you on the day of the flight, you will show it before the flight.
  • The event is suitable for people without major health or mobility restrictions.
  • The passenger must be able to get on and off the plane by himself.
  • A person under the age of 18 can fly only with the consent of a legal guardian.
  • The flight is designed for people under 100 kg.
  • Take-off and landing point: LKHK Hradec Králové Airport

Cancellation Policy

  • You can change or cancel your reservation no later than 24 hours in advance, otherwise the voucher will be forfeited.In the event of adverse weather conditions, the flight may be postponed by the organiser to another date chosen by you.