How to apply experience voucher


In this article, we will provide you with the necessary information to use the Voucher for Adventure Flight.

I have received an Experience Flight Voucher, what should I do?

First of all, it is necessary to plan the flight date and the Voucher is valid for 3 months. On the Voucher, even on the Voucher in electronic form, you have a phone contact or email where you can arrange a specific flight date in advance. It is better to prepare more dates because of the aircraft occupancy. But the sooner you contact us, the better for you. We fly every day from sunrise to sunset, Monday to Sunday, depending on the weather.

When should I arrive at the airport and what should I take to the plane?

Just arrive about 5 minutes in advance to the airport, where you will be flight instructor. Together you plan a flight and fly together. You can take what you see fit, drink, food, cell phone, camera, camera or other important things to you. The plane can also be flooded, so clothes according to your conscience and consciousness, nothing extra you need. In summer you can also fly in a T-shirt and shorts ..

You can take pictures or videos while flying, all allowed

We recommend that you do not eat heavy meals before the flight and do not get too drunk the day before, especially before a longer flight, which will last more than 30 minutes. Some years with the stomach does nothing, but some people have a stomach in the belly can make a big clear, when the flight so-called drip power and give a little more alcohol the day before than healthy. Of course, we will only take you on a plane in a sober condition.

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