Why start flying in our flight school


Flying is a lifelong passion, so we will tell you why to start flying with us.

Why even start

Currently, there is a hunger for pilots. Countless pilots of transport aircraft are missing all over the world. To be a professional pilot means to be a body and soul pilot, so when you embark on the career of a professional pilot, after successfully obtaining a certificate, you look around where you will get at all. You must make a decision based on the terms of the companies you go to. You will be looking for the right airline to suit you literally around the world. But before you get to the cockpit of a large airliner, you have to do many things and work on yourself. Also, the funds you need to spend on the training of a transport pilot are not small;

Before you get to the cockpit of airliner, you need to work on your own and have enough money

UBeruskyAir - ultralight aircraft pilot training center

Why with us? Because with us you can start training at the age of 15 on an ultralight aircraft, which is the initial contact with aircraft and flying in general. We have a tradition that to start flying is needed on the simplest aircraft, and only after the charged experience to gradually switch to more complex and faster aircraft. We have enough experience with this. Pilots who first obtained a pilot license to fly on ultralight aircraft and then switched to general aviation aircraft, thus better manage gradual training to achieve the pilot of airliner, have more practical skills and experience.

It is better to start flying on simple planes and then move on to more complex ones

We will give you a maximum of 60 000, - CZK with VAT for the pilot training of ultralight aircraft, while if you go to the flight school of general aviation, you will give at least 150 000, - CZK with VAT, . Therefore, to all those who want to become a pilot, we recommend that you first try our flight school of ultralight aircraft and then calmly switch to general aviation aircraft such as Cessna, Zlín, etc.

When you calculate the cost of your training and want to switch from ultralight aircraft to general aviation aircraft, the practical initial training of a private general aviation pilot will be shortened from 45 hours to 35 hours because you already have some experience.

Staying just a pilot of ultralight aircraft?

You may also find that you have no talent for flying, or become a pilot, or realize that you only need to be a pilot of ultralight aircraft and fly for less than flying straight into General Aviation aircraft. . Nowadays there are many sport aircraft on the market, which exceed the performance of Cessna aircraft, etc., therefore flying with ultralight aircraft is now sufficient for private flying, with a range to places throughout Europe.

Otherwise, all pilots flying for the UBeruskyAir flight school are instructors of sport aircraft, that is to say ultra light aircraft, and general aviation aircraft.

Come and see us, we will be happy to welcome you.