When to start flight training?


This article discusses at what age and time of year it is appropriate to begin flight training. 

According to LAA regulations, you can start training on ultralight aircraft at the age of 15 and you can complete solo flights on your own at the age of 16. For general aviation aircraft, everything is postponed a year later. If you start training before the age of 18, you must have the consent of your legal guardian, your parents.

We recommend those who really want to make a living flying to start as soon as possible. Those who want to take flying as a hobby can start training at any age. Starting training at a later advanced age is not so ideal, but even at the age of 60 you can start training, and even these students can become good pilots.


At what time of year is it good to start flight training?

You can start training at our flight school at any time, but we recommend starting flight training at the beginning of the year, ie. in February or March, by teaching theory. Theory is an important part of training and is followed by practical training in aircraft. Flying is an ongoing learning process in both theory and practice.

Of course, you can start practical training at any time. However, the spring months are ideal, when the weather is more stable and the days are longer, you can fly all day. In summer, it is best to fly in the morning or in the evening, when it is no longer so hot and there is no risk of thermal turbulence. In the autumn, there are more fogs in the morning, so it flies more in the afternoon. And in winter? In winter the weather is the most unstable, it falls snow, it rains freezing rain, it blows a lot, etc. But when the sun shines and freezes in winter, it flies really beautifully, see How to fly in winter with the ultralight CH 601 Zenair.

In our flight school you can start training at any time, we approach each student personally and we always try to agree on the method of training according to his needs.

You can learn something new at any age.
You can learn something new at any age.

You can start flight training at any time of the year and at any age according to your state of health. Each season has its specifics, but you will only find out during the training.

Our flight school, more precisely a pilot training center, is trying to start theoretical knowledge training in late February or early March, depending on the number of new students. The practical training then begins after completing several hours of theoretical teaching subjects, which are given by the prescription.

If you are interested in flight training, do not hesitate to contact us at any time via the contact form below or call us, see contacts HERE.